To respond to the environment. To respect and understand client responsibilities of time and budget. To provide guidance through education and experience. To consult in an honest and knowledgable manner. To feel and fuel our creative will and to thoroughly enjoy the process and journey as friends and respectful collaborators. To see and take pleasure in doing: this is our purpose.

701 Architecture is a small Winnipeg practice established in 2007 with a diverse portfolio of institutional, cultural, industrial and residential projects. We operate in a collaborative environment where all projects share in their attention to detail at multiple scales, an engaged relationship with client and stakeholders, and a connection between built form and context. 

Each project benefits from the consistency of a dedicated project team from start to finish, ensuring the project is on time and on budget. Through a holistic approach and in a detailed manner program requirements, building code parameters, environmental concerns, occupant satisfaction and design aesthetics are examined and explored to provide the best solutions for our clients and community.