CN Clock Tower

A piece of the Transcona Biz streetscape revitalization strategy, the development of Transcona Centennial Square included plans for a signature clock tower. CN, whose railyards and shops have defined Transcona since the early 20th century was announced as the major sponsor for the square, securing naming rights for the tower. 701 was engaged by the Transcona Biz to develop a design proposal for the CN Clock Tower.

As a result of discussion with the biz and CN officials and extensive review of historic photography, the proposed tower is clad in a composite lattice representing the railways crossing the continent and their structure of rails and ties. A path through the tower is carved for the pedestrian in the shape of the utilitarian yet aesthetically appealing plow car, historically used to clear the tracks in a typical prairie winter. The CNR Transcona Shops whistle, once a staple in the community to signal the beginning and end of the work day, is incorporated into the clock tower to once again mark the passage of time for the community. 

Client: Transcona Biz

Typology: Cultural
Status: Proposal