Bridgwater Centre Condominiums

The intent of the Bridwater Centre neighbourhood is to provide a full-service town centre for the greater Bridgwater development with a range of zoning districts to accommodate a mix of residential and commercial uses. The proposed condominium development provides a significant portion of multi-family density for the neighbourhood via the phased construction of two seven-storey buildings housing 109 residential units each for a total of 218 units.

Building massing attempts to integrate the horizontal division typical of the classical architectural orders (base, shaft, capital) in a contemporary material palette and arrangement in an effort to satisfy the stylistic constraints imposed on the development. The street level pedestrian experience is mediated by an active and porous main level where elevated private main floor patios create a hierarchy of space that delineates private and public realms while promoting passive resident surveillance of the development – key principals of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED). The elevated patios create the opportunity for the integration of benches and at grade planting at the property line along the public sidewalk. A semi-public park space minimizes walking distances to public transit by providing pedestrian pathways between the buildings while contributing a flexible community amenity space.

Client: Streetside Developments

Typology: Multi-Family Residential
Total Building Area: 279,022 sq.ft.
Status: Design Proposal

Structural: Tower Engineering
Mechanical: Tower Engineering
Electrical: Tower Engineering
Civil: WSP
Landscape Architect: Scatliff+Miller+Murray